Gem Spa Parking Lot Construction

For many that have been supporting Gem Spa since 2012, when we were established, the plague of the parking lot is all too familiar.  We are beyond thrilled that starting on June 6, 2022 our parking lot is being completely re-done to allow our clients a beautiful and  calm parking experience as well as improved snow removal.  To ensure you are prepared and educated on the process we will keep this post up to date with any changes that may occur.  Please read below to see the dates and timelines of the project: 

June 6, 2022: Gem Spa will be CLOSED for removal of current asphalt, concrete pads and grass at front of building. Gravel will be placed on entire area for parking lot to be functional.  The gravel requires 5-6 weeks of "settling" before pavement can be replaced.  

June 7, 2022: Spa re-opened.  Gravel on parking lot available for clients to drive and park.  If you would prefer to park off-site on pavement, 1 hr parking is available on Mary St between Union St & John St.  We have inquired about parking availability from Sunlife and are waiting for response.  

June 12, 2022 10:30 am - 2 pm: Stamped concrete pad will be poured at front of property and between corner lot and Gem Spa.  This may impact the front parking during the time the pouring truck will need parked.  Back parking lot and entry to the building remains accessible.  

Phase 2:

  1. New asphalt poured approximately 5 weeks after project begins.  Updates as to noise level and parking during that time will be provided as soon as we hear further information.
  2. New retaining wall being installed (date to be confirmed).
  3. Parking lot gains 6ft of depth. 
  4. Privacy Fence being installed at back to allow backup camera's on car to sense the back of lot.  
  5. New lines painted 

We are so thrilled with this project moving ahead and know that it will be a process.  We thank you in advance for your support and understanding as there is no easy time for a project like this to occur.  The long term benefits of this project will impact us all and we cannot wait to see how the end results look!  Please do not hesitate to reach out to with any questions about the process or where to park for your appointment.