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Refining Hand & Body Lotion with Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Refining Hand & Body Lotion with Alpha Hydroxy Acids

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To purchase: Email or visit us in store.  This product is professional only and is not authorized to be sold online.  Professional consultation is required.  For product description, key ingredients and Questions & Answers see the drop down menu below.
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Product Information

Product Description

AHA Exfoliating Hand and Body Moisturizer

This nourishing body moisturizer uses AHA's as a mild exfoliant while activating your skin's natural Hyaluronic Acid, increasing the retention of water for optimal hydration.  Aids in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes age spots and hyper-pigmentation and keratosis pilaris (rough, raised bumps often found on upper arm). 

6 oz tube

Skin Concerns

Keratosis Pilaris

Key Ingredients

10% Glycolic Acid
10% Lactic Acid
10% Malic Acid

How to Use

Recommended for use on eczema, psoriasis and keratosis pilaris of the body.  A great moisturizing treatment before sunless tanning, to help exfoliate and hydrate for an even application.    

Apply to areas of concern daily. It is recommended to start application 2-3 times per week and work up to a daily application as tolerated by the skin.

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