Derma Pro (Weekly Enzyme Exfoliant)
Derma Pro (Weekly Enzyme Exfoliant)

Derma Pro (Weekly Enzyme Exfoliant)

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Unique biological enzyme purification for all skin types

Excess dead skin cells are loosened without manual manipulation (rubbing).  Great for all skin types, however we highly recommend for acne skin types, rosacea or sensitive skin.  

Directions for application:

Apply 1-3 pumps of product onto fingertips.  Massage into dry skin using circular motions (be gentle). Leave on skin for 1 minute, add steam for amplified results.  After 1 minute, emulsify upwards with damp fingertips and allow the product to create a foam.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water.  

Key Ingredients: Lamepon, Papaya Enzyme

Pro Tip:  Also a great product to apply to areas that are prone to ingrown hairs.