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Gem Spa

Eye Sensitive Ampoules

Eye Sensitive Ampoules

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Express Eye Care

Relives puffiness, reduces dark circles and redness, soothes strain caused by contact lenses.  Fast-acting eye care that immediately leaves skin around the eye area looking radiantly beautiful.  The new micro-texture revitalizes and smoothes while reducing swelling at the same time.  Dark circles and small lines are instantly minimized, tired-looking eyes become brighter.  The delicate eye zone receives a generous supply of moisture, providing effective protection.

Key Ingredients: Eye bright extract, Green Tea extract, Hyaluron

Pro Tip: Apply these ampoules before an early morning meeting after having a restless night of sleep to brighten eye area and reduce inflammation.  An easy at home skin treatment! For instructional videos on how to use an ampoule check out our instagram page @gem_spa.

Product Details: 2mL Ampoule, box of 5 treatments

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