Retinol Avocado Ampoules

Retinol Avocado Ampoules

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Targeted Cell Regeneration

The perfect solution for dry and scaly skin, large pores, acne and skin in need of strengthening.  Beauty ampoule with pure Vitamin A-retinol with special cell regeneration properties.  The complexion is smoothed, appearing denser and firmer.  Instantly improves all dry, scaly complexions and skin with a tendency to eczema.  

Key Ingredients: Retinol, Avocado Oil

Pro Tip: Use these ampoules as a boost for your skin, especially in the dry winter months.  An easy at home skin treatment! For instructional videos on how to use an ampoule check out our instagram page @gem_spa.

Product Details: 2mL Ampoule, box of 5 treatments