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Vitamin C Ampoules

Vitamin C Ampoules

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Collagen booster and anti-pigment

Rapid assistance for combating wrinkle formation reduced elasticity and hyper-pigmentation.  Ampoule with a highly sensitive pure Vitamin C derivative that is transformed into Vitamin C by the skin's own enzymes after application.  Vitamin C is only able to take effect in the deeper layers of the skin through this process.  Vitamin C has outstanding collagen synthesizing properties, i.e. promoting the regeneration of elastic collagen fibers.  Vitamin C has a superficial lightening effect, intensifying the skin's luminosity and lending it a porcelain-like shimmer.  

Key Ingredients: Ascorbic acid (pure Vitamin C), lemon oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E derivative) 

Pro Tip: Use these ampoules to aid in reduction of sun damage and age spots.  An easy at home skin treatment! For instructional videos on how to use an ampoule check out our instagram page @gem_spa.

Product Details: 2mL Ampoule, box of 5 treatments

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