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White Vision Ampoule

White Vision Ampoule

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Lightening, regenerating and beautifying - for flawless complexion

Precious active ingredient ampoule with whitening effect for hyper-pigmentation, age spots and pigmentation marks.  With simultaneous regeneration effect. Precious active ingredient ampoule with targeted whitening effect. Natural extracts from daisy flowers, reinforced with Vitamin C, support the transition to a lighter complexion while at the same time keeping the skin tone even.  Regenerating active ingredients improve the structure of the skin while reducing visible signs of aging.  Ideal for lightening hyper-pigmentation or pigmentation marks of all kinds. 

Key Ingredients: Daisy flower extract, Vitamin C, Niacinamide 

Pro Tip: Use these ampoules to reduce sun damage and hyper-pigmentation.  An easy at home skin treatment! For instructional videos on how to use an ampoule check out our instagram page @gem_spa.


Product Details: 2mL Ampoule, box of 5 treatments

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