Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

We ask if cancellation is to occur that you kindly provide us with 24 hrs notice for individual appointments. For group or package bookings we ask 48 hrs notice. This way we are given the ability to fill the appointment time. If a cancellation occurs in under 24 hrs (or 48 hrs for group and package bookings) a 50% charge will be made for the treatment(s) that has been cancelled. If no show is to take place, 100% charge of the treatment will be considered.  Any charges being made will transpire at the end of the day to allow for every attempt to be made to contact us. We thank you in advance for your understanding.  


Here at Gem Spa we are thrilled to say that we survived not 1 but 2 major business roadblocks. First the ION construction, followed by the recent pandemic that had us closed for 10 months over a 2 year span. Over the past year of recovery we have experienced extreme loyalty from clients, like yourself, that have been with us from the very beginning. Over the last year we have also been fortunate to experience exceptional growth of new clients. One of the trials in an appointment based industry is implementing a cancellation policy that is fair to everyone, both new and pre-existing clients. The convenience of online booking brings with it potential lack of accountability and personal interaction between our team and clients. This has caused last minute cancellations that can't be filled and a loss of revenue. These occurrences have left us with the question of "how do we stop the last minute cancellations that result in revenue loss, while still being fair to our incredible clients?" This has led us to now require credit card information at the time of booking.

Fresha, our online booking system, has introduced a cancellation feature that allows us, the business, to control implementing charges if it seems appropriate. We want to ensure you that we will always be fair in taking into consideration timing of cancellation, efforts to contact us (voicemail or email) and the nature of the cancellation. If you have any concerns in providing credit card information to our online booking platform (it will prompt you 1 time on your account to give the information), please contact us and we will gladly discuss this with you and aid you with your appointments over the phone. Introducing change within our business always has its challenges and hiccups but we are so grateful for your patience and understanding as we continue to grow and learn what ways we can improve our business function. 

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