Price Menu Updates

Price Menu Updates

A few changes to our price menu will come into effect as of May 1, 2023.  We added new treatments and made improvements to some existing treatments, to continue building options for you. Throughout the past year and a half, our pricing remained stable, despite the continued cost increases to treatment products.  We held off on price adjustments as long as we could; however, the time has come where increases are required in order to continue providing you with the quality products and treatments that you know and love here at Gem.  We appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to strive towards bringing you the best in service, furthering our education and expanding our treatment menu. If you have any questions about the changes to our menu please do not hesitate to reach out via email  We would also love to hear about any treatments you would like to see us add to our menu in the future.  Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to Gem!



Price Change

Express Manicure

Express Pedicure


Gel Polish Application & Removal

*Discontinued* In order to provide a quality manicure that meets Gem Spa standards, we have decided it would be best for the client experience and our aestheticians to remove the application & removal treatment option and replace it with the Express Gel Polish Manicure.  You will then receive proper cuticle care with each manicure, therefore providing you with longer lasting manicures.  In order for the gel polish to have proper adhesion the cuticles must be properly removed from the nail bed.  We have been finding that the quantity of nail repairs we are providing due to the lack of cuticle care, is causing the client as well as us a lot of extra time that could be prevented by incorporating the cuticle care with each visit.  When booking your next appointment online, simply book the Express Gel Polish Manicure or Vegan Gel Polish Manicure (includes hand massage). 

Express Gel Polish Manicure


Vegan Gel Polish Manicure


Classic Manicure


Spa Manicure


Paraffin Add-On              


Gel Polish Removal

$11 *Complimentary if Manicure was provided at Gem

Brow Bleaching

$24 *NEW*

Back Facial

Starting at $144 *NEW*

Body Polish        

$144  (Organic, Serenity, Clarity & Monarch Woods)

Black Lava Body Polish


All Body Wraps       


Rejuvenating Facial

Starting at $134

Revitalizing Facial            

Starting at $94

Organic Facial    

Starting at $89

Negative ION Session

*Price Drop & Treatment Re-vamp*   Now $26/session & includes aromatherapy.  To be booked as an add-on to the following treatments: Facials, massage, waxing, body polish, body wraps & chemical peels. 


*Due to the changes made above, package pricing will be impacted.  Please visit our "Packages" page for updates.  

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